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The Selinsgrove Post Office

Postal Employees assembled on the steps of the Post Office, 1953, during the Selinsgrove Centennial Celebration.  The modern federal post office building was built in 1935 and is still used today.  The first post office in Selinsgrove was established in 1808.

The postoffice was established in Selinsgrove on July 1, 1808.  The 23 Postmasters between 1808 & 1935 are listed above.

Colorized photograph of the post office beside the Trinity Lutheran Church on Market Street

Shown here about 1910 is the George F. Holmes saddlery and Harness shop, South Market Street & Walnut Street.  This building was the post office, with Jeremiah Crouse as postmaster, 1849.
On the left is the Trinity Lutheran Church

Edward Duck [half brother of former editor J.A. Lumbard] recalls the early post office  in a March 1936 "Do You Remember" column, in the Selinsgrove Times-Tribune

The Selinsgrove Post Office in 1907

The same building, as above,  was being used in 1915.  On the far left, you can see "Post Office" written on the window.  The building to the right housed the First National Bank.

The new  post office was built on the southwest corner of Market Street and University Avenue, on the former location of Colonel Henry C. Eyer's home.

The project was authorized by the Emergency Construction Act of June 19 1934.  The site was purchased from the First National Bank, for $8,000.

The new building was built on the site of the old Col. Eyer homestead.

This 1910 Post Card of Market Street Selinsgrove shows the Col. Eyer home on the right.  The new Post Office was built on that spot in 1935.  

On March 14th 1935, the Selinsgrove Times-Tribune announced that work on the erection of Selinsgrove's new post office was scheduled to begin not later than Monday of that week.

Read more about the mural, by artist George Rickey, that was installed in the new post office in 1939


The New Post Office Building was dedicated in a ceremony held on February 29th 1936 

More about the mural

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