14 miles on bike paths - Montoursville/Williamsport

May 13, 2011 9:19:26 AM
Stopping often for pics and a few geocaches along the way.  :-)

Started at Indian Park
Continued onto the Reighard Trail
Turned left off Reighard to pick up the
and back

This is all bike path.  Some of it is along the road, but with the bike path marked along side the road.  During the day, we did have to watch for construction vehicles at the turn along that section today (after you cross the green bridge, you will go up a hill..  when you come down that hill, until you go over the railroad tracks, you need to watch carefully for traffic.  The path cross the road at one point, and the visibility is not great.  That's the only spot along the whole trip where we had to be really cautious)

This road here is only used to access the parks, so there is not much traffic. The road dead ends at the boat launch, where the Reighard trail begins)

Near the beginning of the riverwalk path.
 The RiverWalk circles the river - it's a beautiful path

 Stopping to look for a geocache along the River Walk.
 Looking from South Williamsport, over to Williamsport
It got a little dark and windy today while we were out, but we didn't get rained on.

This bridge is wonderful because it's not only wide for bikers, but there are observation areas where you can get out of the way too.
This route takes you over bridges, under bridges..  new bridges, old bridges.  Big bridges, little bridges.  It's a really fun route.

 looking from one bridge to the other..  you can tell it is going to rain today.  :-)  The River Walk takes you across both bridges.
my kids posing with the wood hick statue.  There are educational signs and markers all along this path.  I do wish they had put this statue at one of the locations with a prettier background.

It's surprising how much of the wildlife was not startled by us biking by.

This is a quick, easy path.  It took us an hour and a half today, and we were not in any rush. On a warmer day we would have stopped by Brusters on the way back, but it was pretty chilly today.