Hiking from Adams Falls to Waters Meet At Ricketts Glen

We had an unexpected free day, thanks to a change in our schedule.  Well, a free half day.  Enough for Dan and I to slip away for a date day at Ricketts Glen!  We wanted to both hike and kayak, and had limited time, so we opted to see Adams Falls (my favorite) then hike to Waters Meet, before kayaking Lake Jean.

You cannot, currently, hike from Adams falls over to the Falls Trail, directly, due to the construction. The parking lot is only a few feet up the road, on the opposite side, to hike the falls trail.

at this sign we opted to take the moderate trail up, and the difficult trail back.  I did all of this in Old Navy flip flops, with no problem.  I can't say that's what I'd recommend wearing, but I'm very comfortable in them, since I prefer to be barefoot and in the water as much as possible.

steps on the trail

I loved this rock!  Can you see the eye and the "smile"?  It looked like a happy turtle to me. Then below is the other side of the same rock:

 A scarier turtle.  :-)

This is at Waters Meet.  You will know you are at Waters Meet, because there are signs, and a bench.  For today, we opted to turn and go back to our car.  With me stopping at each waterfall, and us taking our time, we hiked this in about 2 hours.