The Stonehouse on Pine Square In Williamsport PA

Last Friday night we went to the Stonehouse for Pizza, followed by a horse drawn carriage ride around Williamsport.

It was a wonderful evening!

We had an address, but had not been to this area in awhile.  We drove down Pine Street, and I thought we had the wrong address. We parked at Kohls, and walked back.

Pine Square is an Alley, and it's gorgeous.  It's hard to believe you are still in Williamsport when you walk back here!


There are two restaurants here - the Stonehouse & The Brickyard
Both have outdoor seating.

We sat outside.

There was not live music this night, but we could hear the music from the Brickhouse next door - it was nice.
 I had the Moscato and it was sooooooo good!

The food was amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

Wine, beer, appetizer, pizza, and tip - just over $40.  We were REALLY happy with that price.

Temperature of the oven when we were there.

After dinner we took a horse drawn carriage ride.  Billtown Buggies is parked at the opposite end of the alley.  :-)  It was a wonderful evening out - I'd recommend it!

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