Locust Ridge Wind Farm

Locust Ridge Wind Farms has 51 256 ft tall turbines (windmills)

We spotted these windmills while on the Southern part of the Columbia County Covered Bridge Tour.  I would love to find a vantage point to get a photo better showing the amount of windmills here. I'd really love to tour this facility!

A group did take a tour- there's a Flicker Album here:

Completed in 2009 and built by Iberdrola Renewables, the Locus Ridge Wind Farm is located near Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County, PA. The farm has 64 wind turbines and was constructed in two phases. It was partially funded with $59 million in federal stimulus money.
In total, the windmills produce 128 megawatts of electricity. This is enough to power 64,000 homes in nearby areas of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Locust Ridge II, which started generating wind power in 2009, is located right next to Locust Ridge I in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. The site straddles Schuylkill and Columbia counties and spans across 5,700 acres of Pennsylvania soil. Locust Ridge II is capable of generating 102 MW of wind energy with its 51 turbines at 256 feet high. Both Locust Ridge projects generate enough wind energy to power about 38,000 homes.

There's another article about the wind farm here:

One of the turbines caught on fire in 2014