5 Things To Do In The Susquehanna Valley in May

Knoebels Opening Week-End
April 30-May 1st.  Hand Stamps are Buy One Get One Free that week-end.
There's so much more to do at Knoebels than just ride the rides. Although they do have some great rides there!
Check out the live Eagles, located beside the Black Diamond Ride. Tour the museum, which is also located in this area.Then if you haven't already, ride the Black Diamond Ride, it's easy to miss this one, as it's tucked away in the back, but it's a combination between a mild roller coaster and a mild haunted house with a lot of history thrown in.  It's my favorite ride in the park.  Then check out the shooting gallery - it's just simple old time fun, and it's pretty cheap too.

Both the Danville Heritage Festival, and the Danville Spring Fling are on May 7th this year.  I've never been to either - but hope to attend at least one this year.

Middleburg Heritage Festival
May 7, 2016 from 9:00am-4:00pm.
Please join us for a fun filled day of arts & crafts, antiques, historical walking tour, heritage exhibits, business displays, local entertainment, food stands, vintage cars and antique tractors. Free parking. Free Admission.  Location: Middleburg Fireman's Field

Danville Spring Fling
Date: May 7, 2016
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The 30th annual Spring Fling is a family-friendly festival featuring homemade crafts, delicious food, and local non-profit organizations on Mill Street in downtown Danville.

T&D's Cats Of The World
 This is a photo I took while at T&D's, near Penns Creek.   I have a decent camera lens, but it's still pretty amazing how close you can get to these animals.  They are gorgeous.  T&D's is a wildlife refuge. Most of the animals here are rescues, & they are only open about to the public 40 days out of the year.  Please note that they accept Cash or Check only.  Admission is $10.   http://susquehannavalley.blogspot.com/2014/09/t-ds-cats-of-world.html

Attend The 11th Annual Anthracite Heritage Festival
May 28th 2016, 10-5pm
Market St, Shamokin PA

This is another festival I have not yet attended.  But the description found here is intriguing:
"The arts are a plenty at the Anthracite Festival of the Arts and frankly the whole festival is alive with creativity.  Caricature booths are set up on street corners and children’s art hang like banners along the street.  Homemade chimes whistle and clank in the wind and amongst the artisan crafts are local – sometimes by children – homemade goods.  Of course, the whole town is alive with the festive excitement.  To fill in the anthracite portion of this equation, enter the Shamokin Heritage Museum and Fireman’s Museum.  Both are open during the festival.  Also open to the public is the Local Arts Studio, which exhibits paintings and photography by local artists"

Bread Day in Turbotville for May 2016 will be May 9th

Need More Ideas?

Nine Mostly Free Road Trips-  just an hour or two from our area:

Some of our favorite Kayaking Trips

Great places for Bike Rides

Check out one of the two new Escape Rooms in our area - 

Have you tried Geocaching yet?  www.geocaching.com  Geocaching can either take you to a guard rail or a lamp post, or to some of the most unique, fun, places in the area..  we usually do a mixture of both. It's a great way to discover new places to hike!

Don't forget to get your Amish made doughnuts every Friday & Saturday in Turbotville PA -