Monday, April 7, 2014

7 Tubs Natural Area

This is a pretty, nice, 2.6 mile hike right in Wilkes Barre PA

We were in the area to see Red Green at the FM Kirby center, and hotels were dirt cheap, so we spent the night then hiked here in the morning.  At our hotel, just 4 miles away, there was no snow.  It was about 50 degrees.  Just 4 miles away, on this trail, there were still several inches of snow.  It made this pretty slippery..  I wouldn't recommend this in the snow unless you are comfortable/prepared for slippery conditions.  If you do hike it in the snow, turn left right before the bridge and go up first - slippery is easier uphill than down.  (We went straight, and came downhill at the end...)

There are two small parking areas here.  Both were empty while we were here, but they probably fill up pretty fast in the summer.  If you stand looking at this sign, the trail is directly behind you.  

The trail is well marked - once you are on it - by blue spots on trees, and in some places, on rocks.  Some of the rock markings were obviously obscured for us, by snow, but the trail was mostly still very easy to follow.

We went straight across the bridge, rather than going uphill to the left of the bridge, first.  That put us along the creek for the first part of the hike.  

The trail then goes uphill quite a bit, up near the power lines.

There's a tunnel at the bridge at the top of the tubs.  Then the tubs:

These metal steps were awesome - after all the ice and snow we were walking through at this point.  :-)

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