Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Rishel Covered Bridge

40.96638, -76.82694
In 1981 a few locals attempted to have the Rishel Covered Bridge featured on a postage stamp, as the oldest covered bridge in the nation.  In doing so, they found that although the  original bridge was built in this location at 1812, that  bridge had been destroyed in the flood of 1828.  
County records show the bridge that stands here now was actually a replacement bridge, built in approximately 1830. In 1981 the Rishel bridge was closed for a complete rehabilitation.  Some of the wood for the project came from the Mifflinburg elementary school that had been torn down the same year.  The sign on the refurbished bridge shows the corrected date of 1830.

Dec 5 1959

This newspaper clipping is dated 1982.  The Daily Item was still reporting that the RIshel Covered Bridge, sometimes called the Moore-Rishel Bridge, was the oldest bridge.  The Hassenplug Covered Bridge in Mifflinburg, built in 1825, is older than the Rishel bridge, and is one of the oldest bridges in the country.

The view under the Rishel Covered Bridge

Shells line the sides of the creek bed.
2008 Water Damage

 2019 - the water damaged boards are missing.

The stone wall leading to the bridge

An Index Of Covered Bridges In Our Area

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