Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Milton Model Train Museum

Take A Tour of The Milton Model Train Museum
A reproduction of the town of Milton, originally created by Rev. Robert Walker


Milton's history is full of trains.  When the flood waters washed out the bridges in 1889, Milton was without a bridge across to West Milton for 5 years.  But a temporary train bridge was rebuilt within days, and a new permanent train bridge was up within a year.

At one time, Milton had more passenger trains than any other town of its size in the state.

And with all of that history, we are fortunate to have had quite a few train enthusiasts too. Including one who lived across the river in Lewisburg.

Rev. Robert Walker had a small train store in his basement in Lewisburg, as well as his own hobby layout.  With handcrafted buildings made to look like the buildings of milton, all wired from electric steet poles, he not only had a love for trains, but a love for the history of the town.  In his retirement, he wanted the display to go where others could enjoy it.   The display was so large that it would not fit in the Cameron House, where the Milton Historical Society is houses, but the Milton Moose had a third floor room that was perfect for the display.

And, Milton had quite a few more volunteers who love trains, to not only rebuild the display, but continue to add to it.  The Milton Model Train Museum is under the umbrella of the T.I.M.E organization, and the volunteers put in countless hours resetting displays, and building new buildings to represent Milton's history.  Thanks to their generous efforts and time, and grants and donations from the community, the Milton Model Train is open for everyone to view throughout the year, free of charge.  It's an absolute treasure, and a fantastic representation of the history of the town.  

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If you cannot visit in person, here are some videos of the display:

Videos Of The Milton Model Train Museum:
I was able to find some great videos on YouTube, of the Milton Model Train Museum.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Please note that these are not my videos, and are they are not hosted on my site. 
These are public videos hosted on YouTube, that will stream directly from YouTube.

For this video, a camera was attached to one of  the trains going around the track


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