Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walking at the Game Lands today

Hard to believe it's January 2nd - the weather was beautiful today!

Located outside of Allenwood, the game lands is a pretty area!  Sunday's are a great time to walk here, since there is no hunting allowed on Sunday's in PA.  There are several lakes and ponds here, lots of bird houses and bird habitats..  in addition to a shooting range, trails for hiking, and several geocaches. (our geocaching blog is here)

One of the ponds was drained today...

The bunkers are the "item of interest" here.  During World War II, this was a TNT depo.

  There were originally 149 bunkers here, I'm not sure how many still exist, but I'd guess quite a few. Unfortunately, many of them are full of junk.  :-(

I didn't know that this is considered a "ghost town" - that this area used to be the town of Alvira.  The land was confiscated during the war, the farms were bulldozed, and a TNT plant was built here.  The TNT plant was only in operation for a few years, but the bunkers remain.  Read the history and see photos of the bunkers being built, here:


  1. This is fascinating (though quite sad, at the same time). Thank you for sharing. I grew up in Union County and look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! How interesting. What a trip to see that stuff.


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