Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Drive - Where To See The Elk, Near Milton PA

Elk On A Farm Near Milton Pa
GPS Coords - 41.05032, -76.78751

Although not wild elk, and not in quite the numbers seen in Benezette, we do not need to drive too far to see Elk here.  Simply drive out Paradise Road, between Milton and Turbotville, and there's a farm with Elk grazing right along the road. 

 This is private property, so please be respectful!  I took these photos out my car window, with my cell phone. 

Sometimes there are more down closer to the road, sometimes they are up on the hill - it depends on the day.

At the Elk Farm On Paradise Road,  between Milton & Turbotville
While out this way, drive by Fort Rice, one of the best preserved Revolutionary war forts still standing.  This is a  fort that saw battle and survived,  & is still standing today, near Turbotville.  Read More about Fort Rice here:

To make a nice, longer, loop - go from Fort Rice, past the Elk, to the Sam Wagner Covered Bridge (watch for eagles near here - two are often around the fields and bridge in this area) and then on over to the Keefers Mill Covered Bridge.  From there, you are not far from Montour Preserve, which is a great place to walk on the trails, or just view the lake.

Or drive over towards Montgomery, and see the camels grazing along 405.

More Sights To See:

And Index Of Local Covered Bridges

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