Thursday, April 18, 2019

Weaver's Pizza & Ice Cream

This is one of those places I forget to take enough photos, or ever write about.  It's just part of our lives.  We used to order pizza here almost every other week when the kids were home, and it's still a favorite for us.  Not only is the pizza fantastic, AND they have birch beer in the cooler, but it's also a really neat place with so much to see!

What really sets this pizza apart is the cheese.  Thick, melty, good quality cheese.

They also serve hand dipped turkey hill ice cream here!

There is so much memorabilia that it no longer all fits in the restaurant, and some of it is stored outside in an additional building -

Weavers used to be located in White Deer, right across the bridge from Watsontown.  I can't remember what year they moved to Allenwood, but the "new" location offers a lot more space for all of the memorabilia. 

Although the restaurant used to have indoor seating, it is strictly take out since the state was shut down for the pandemic in 2020.



  1. They are like family there! Always treat their customers with respect!

  2. We went to the old location for ice cream between our wedding ceremony and the reception - wedding dress, tux and all!


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