Saturday, November 21, 2020

Christmas In The Valley

Where To Find The Christmas Events, Light Displays, & History In the Central Susquehanna Valley

Christmas History
The One Horse Open Sleigh in Watsontown

When the Christmas Ornaments Were Made In Wellsboro - Shiny Brites

We Three Kings Was Written By A Williamsport Rector

Berwick Christmas Boulevard 

Winter Wonderland Was Written By A Songwriter from Honesdale Pa

The Industries Of Danville, Christmas 1928

It's Time To Make The Boilo - A Coal Country Tradition

How A Small Town Band From York Pa Stole Christmas

Christmas Traditions Of The Past As Published In Local Newspapers

The History Of Christmas Tree Lights

It's A Wonderful Life - Jimmy Stewarts PTSD

Susquehanna Valley Christmas Ornaments

Clear Toy Candy - A Christmas Tradition That My Have Originated in Danville

When There Were Christmas Train Rides In Cameron Park, Sunbury - 

Vintage Christmas Postcards Sent in PA

Bank Christmas Clubs originated in Pennsylvania

Vintage Christmas Memories
Assorted photos and stories from throughout the valley

When Santa Was Set On Fire In Iola, 1914

200 Loaves Of Bread For Milton's Poor
Huth's Bakery 1876

1978 Geisinger Christmas Card
Portraying Abigail Geisinger watching the hospital construction
An early history of Geisinger Hospital:

Recent Events
2020  - The Running Of The Krampus in Williamsport
In 2021, the Krampus will run on Sunday December 5th

The Scooter Santa Brigade
The first year Matt Ferry owned a vespa, he dressed like Santa and rode throughout the community, as a joke. Today, that joke has grown into a fleet of 20 vespas. Ferry typically purchases wrecked vespas and restores them, as a hobby. During the Christmas season, the Scooter Santa Brigade randomly rides between Milton and Selinsgrove, handing out candy canes.
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  1. Not sure how many people remember this, but I vividly remember when the park across from the downtown Sunbury Weis market has reindeers. It was such a big deal for us 1959-1964 to have our parents take us to see the reindeer. Many, many years later I can still picture it. That was when the downtown was so alive...Bowman's Dept Store, JCPenneys, Rea & Derrick Drugs store, the five and dimes which all had wonderful candy counters and luncheonettes within the stores, Rosenblums, the bakery, 2 beautiful movie houses, the market house which on the weekends was very crowded. The farmers would come in and back up their trucks on Market street to sell their fresh produce. It was a wonderful time in downtown Sunbury. My parents were both from Sunbury,and after we moved to Mechanicsburg, we still drove up to Sunbury often to see grandparents, aunts and uncles. I love this blogspot as I can relive a little part of my youth.


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