Monday, April 20, 2020

Milton, Pennsylvania

A Birds Eye View Of Milton (Possibly 1909)

When I started with my genealogy research more than 25 years ago, I made a habit of saving local information and photos about the local towns that I found interesting, or that could possibly connect to our genealogy.  Today, I have folders for each local town saved on my computer, with all sorts of photos and stories and random tidbits. It's not very well organized, so it will take me some time to sort it all out and put it online, but here is what I have so far for Milton:
Early Milton
Fort Boone     The Canal    Baker Grist Mill  Straub's Mill
When The Milton Bridge Was A Covered Bridge 
The 1880 Great Fire - When The Entire Town Burned Down
Assorted Milton Business Directories

Ripped From The Headlines

The Milton Social Scene


The Parks

The Floods
1817  1889   1936  1946  1960 1964 1972 1993  1996  2004  2011 
A YouTube Video Of The 1972 Flood

The Fires

Notable Residents Of Milton, Pa

Milton Schools

One Room Schools:
Follmer  Paradise    Muddy Run



Sanborn Fire Maps
Milton Canal Map        Also Book 44 N. 6 - Not online

Clipped from a Local History Book - But I failed to save the name on the file.  Possibly from a Columbia County Book, based on where it was saved in my files.

Arch St, from Walnut St, Milton Pa

Walnut Street, West From Arch Street, Milton

St Joseph's Church, Milton Pa

Buffalo Valley Dairy, Milton PA

Find More Local History From Our Area Here:

Take A Sunday Drive Through The Milton Area

Milton Jr High 1950

The Milton Train Station

Milton In 1907

The Miltonian
Dec 20 1907

 The Miltonian
September 22 1921

Elks Home, Milton Pa

Camp Logan, Milton Pa

Sanitary Cleaning Company, Milton Pa

Milton State Park

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