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One Room Schoolhouses - An Index

Lycoming County
  • Cement Mills
  • Frantz School (Beaver Lake Rd)
  • Frenchtown School (Moreland Twp - now the Canusuargo Grange Hall)
  • Greenville
  • Hughesville
  • Lore's
  • Mapleton
  • McCarty
  • Eight Square  School (Coordinates: 41.187401, -76.640263)
  • Level Corner
  • Larryville
  • Martins
  • Newman School (outside of hughesville)
  • Pine Run School (Pine Run Rd)
  • Point Bethel
  • Quigglesville (Has been turned 90 degrees & incorporated into a house?)
  • Richart's Grove School 
  • Salem School Unityville (Torn down in 2018) 
  • Unknown Name (Butternut Grove Rd, Montoursville)

Montour County
Northumberland County
Additional Information from John Bower, about the Milton Schools around Paradise Road - 
The other schools were the Follmer School, next to the Follmer Lutheran Church, the Ireland School on Schoolhouse Rd, off Broadway, behind Dental Care Assoc. Prior to the construction of Rt 80, they were on the same road, which was the main road to Limestoneville and Washingtonville in the 1800s, prior to the construction of Broadway /Rte 254. The 5th school was the Point School at the Upper end of Golf Course Rd. near Fairview Farm Market. Again, prior to Rt 80, this was on the same road as the Muddy Run and Paradise schools. (these are in addition to Muddy Run & Paradise Schools)

Also - 
Snyder County
The Selinsgrove Times-Tribune
04 May 1877

Union County

For More Information:

  • History of the Schools of Union County PA by Mary Belle Lontz
  • Terri Stump wrote a book about the one/two room schoolhouses in White Deer Twp.  The book is $20, she can be found on facebook.



  1. 3 one room schools in Union Co. are missing from your list. 1) Kelly X Roads, located 1/4 mile west of Kelly X Roads. 2) Back entrance to the Federal Prison. 3) 2 room school in West Milton.

  2. Anthony twp.lycoming county has one room school on queneshaque road north of route 220 at linden. Now used as twp. building.

  3. My great grandfather, Sylvester Spring taught school for 41 years in the Muncy and Lairdsville areas. A partial list would be Starr, Turkey Bottom (also known as Wildcat) Clarkstown, Pleasant Grove, Fairview, Reifsnyder, Opp, Salem, Eightsquare, Frenchtown, Clayhole, and Laurel Run. I have been able to find old maps that show all of the locations of these schools. It is pretty cool. From the google satellite photos, it looks like many of the buildings are still there.

    1. Would that by chance include the Schoolhouse on Butternut Grove Road, Montoursville? Looking for any info I can find about it. Thanks!

  4. Wondering if you found any info on Everett School from the 1800's. in Northumberland county?


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